Singapore’s Original Chili Crab Restaurant: Roland

Hey everyone, it’s Daniel, and I’m here in Singapore with Cartoon. We’re on a mission to savor the original chili crab at Roland Restaurant, and we’re both pretty excited about it. This is Cartoon’s first time having chili crab in general, and while I’ve tried it before, I’m eager to experience the original version.

We’ve come to Roland Restaurant, known for serving the original chili crab since 1956. The backdrop here is incredible, and I’ll give you a better view in a moment.

The ambiance reminds me of Chinese seafood restaurants in Los Angeles, creating a sense of familiarity. We’ve placed our order – the chili crab for two, ice plant salad, house special fried rice, and even some pau to complement the feast.

As you can see, we’ve got quite the setup, and things are about to get messy. I mean, how can they not with chili crab, right? This restaurant is quite unique – it’s perched on top of a car park, which adds to its charm.

Our feast has arrived, and it’s a sight to behold. Two crabs drenched in that signature chili sauce, ready to be devoured.

The sauce looks deliciously rich and aromatic. But before I dive into the crab, the fried rice arrives, and the aroma is mouthwatering.

The fried rice is accompanied by garlic cloves, which add a burst of flavor. Now, it’s time to tackle the main attraction – the chili crab.

We’re in for a treat as we dig into the crab. The sauce is thick and inviting, and the anticipation is building.

I can feel the spice kicking in, and the flavors are bold. Contrary to what some say, it’s not overly sweet; it’s got a perfect balance.

As I continue to enjoy the crab, I can’t help but notice the strong flavor of the crab itself, which is complemented by the spicy sauce.

Now, onto the claws – they’re ready to be savored. The meat is succulent and delicious, and the sauce just adds to the experience.

Every bite is a burst of flavor, and the crab meat is undeniably the star. The sauce enhances the overall taste without overpowering it.

With every bite, the flavor of the crab shines through. The balance of spices is impeccable, and I’m thoroughly enjoying this experience.

Despite the messiness, the flavor is worth it. The chili crab lives up to its reputation, and I’m glad I could experience the original version.

After indulging in the chili crab, we move on to the fried rice. The rich flavors of the crab linger as we enjoy the fragrant rice.

As we wrap up our feast, I’m filled with satisfaction. The experience of enjoying chili crab at Roland Restaurant has been a memorable one.

The combination of flavors, the uniqueness of the sauce, and the succulent crab meat make for an unforgettable dining experience.

In conclusion, if you’re in Singapore, tasting the original chili crab is a must. Roland Restaurant offers a flavorful journey that’s truly one of a kind.

I hope you enjoyed coming along with us on this culinary adventure. Until next time, take care and catch you in the next video!






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